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The Inn at OxBow Acres – Covid Policies

Isn’t it liberating to be able to travel again? The COVID pandemic certainly made us pause and wrestle through hard convictions of protecting others and ourselves and the important issues of individual freedoms and rights. As a diamond has many sides, so does the conversation around COVID precautions. We want to take a moment to explain our policies to keep you safe.

First off, we trust that you will use common sense practices in remaining at home if you are symptomatic of ANY illness. Please review the NH Travel Guidelines.

Next, we will not ask if you have been vaccinated. Having worked as a nurse in the years HIPAA first became a priority, this practice would be a violation of your privacy. We merely ask that you will kindly respect others’ space by social distancing with strangers. Actually, social distancing is totally a New England practice anyway. I (Maria) come from Mexican descent where hugging and close contact with mere acquaintances is a cultural norm. My cheeks were squeezed and pinched by anybody and everybody! But Brian comes from a staunch New Hampshire background where a long arms-length is kept until you really get to know someone and even then, you’re regarded with suspicion! That’s New England! Early in our marriage when I’d been here for five years, I watched a PBS Chronicle program where a woman was being interviewed. She discussed how hard it was to feel a sense of belonging. She had lived in New Hampshire for 15 years and was just now feeling like a native. I remember sobbing afterwards thinking I still had 10 years to go!  But I’ve transitioned and come to know and love the “slow to warm up but loyal when you are trusted” mentality. So really, social distancing at OxBow Acres is as natural as the White Mountains. We don’t need to pry into your personal life because chances are people aren’t going to get too close to you anyhow.

We understand that meals can be concerning. Breakfast is served between 8:15 am – 9:30 am. We have two dining room tables for breakfast, but there are other options too. You may choose to have breakfast delivered to your room in a basket. Alternatively, you can eat in the beautiful greenhouse, or on the back deck. With only six rooms, there are several ways to maintain social distancing from other parties while you eat.

Afternoon snacks (choice of sweet or healthy) will be served in the dining room in individual biodegradable bags. Be sure to sample our maple covered walnuts!

During your stay, we will not be entering your room for daily housekeeping unless you are on an extended stay of four or more nights. For extended stays, we will provide housekeeping service in your room between 12-2pm. On stays of three nights or less, we will provide fresh towel service and pick up your trash daily between 9-11 am.

When we clean, we pay close attention to high-touch items such as door handles, faucets, dispensers, and light switches. Our Sol-U-Guard botanical concentrate kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for use against COVID-19. Having worked in hospitals for over a dozen years, Maria has proper hand-washing practices ingrained and has instructed our staff.  We mask and wear gloves while cleaning during your stay. Brian’s military background takes cleaning to a new level as well. He stops short of using a toothbrush around the baseboards! Your room will be swept or vacuumed and mopped. Once sanitized, your room will be locked until you enter it.

We created these policies to be effective in preventing transmission of COVID 19 while trying not to be invasive of your personal life. Our goal is for you to have a serene and clean experience.

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